Does Microsoft have any real competition ?

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Does Microsoft have any real competition? copyright (c) 2003 Gregory s. diehl in a word, yes. And that i assume they're about to get extra.
Microsoft primarily dominates in working structures and workplace productivity software.
home windows goes to be the dominant os for some time. however i assume things gets tons extra exciting with the novell/suse merger. the giant ibm turned into already behind Linux. (people overlook that if ibm's software program department had been a separate agency, it would be wide variety  simplest to Microsoft.) now, they face the undertaking from a organisation that is aware of the way to market to the organisation, which pink hat does no longer. suse gets the channels and business companions it wishes worldwide; novell can assure its survival beyond netware as a competitor to the hated Microsoft. (novell feels about as strongly about the parents from the northwest as sun does.)

and speak me of sun, they may be aggressively pushing star office as an opportunity to Microsoft workplace. it offers record compatibility, so all people on a budget might also want to as a minimum recall it. corel is likewise striking in there with word perfect and different products, and novell has group wise. so there may be at least a bit competition in workplace productiveness, even though admittedly not lots. staroffice is now to be had inside the retail channel, so that may alternate.

with solar and ibm pushing java/j2ee as the platform for net offerings, .net is getting all of the competition it can take care of. for dynamic web publishing (updating from a database) i appear to look at the least as many pages with .jsp (java server pages) or .Hypertext Processor (php) as i do .asp (energetic server pages, from Microsoft) at the record name. (in case you've ever wondered what those unusual things had been that had been not .html or .html, it really is it!)

there are two areas wherein Microsoft is not even close to first region.

maximum net servers are Apache going for walks below Linux, now not Microsoft's internet statistics server on a home windows field.

in the database arena, Microsoft clearly faces stiff opposition. ibm remains primary with db2, and oracle is close at the back of. at the same time as square server 2000 is lots greater robust and employer-prepared than its predecessors, it is still in 0.33 vicinity. (albeit a tighter 1/3 vicinity with the sociability and other features of sq. server 2000.) on the charts with a bullet is mysql, the linux of the database global that is gaining greater market share in companies no longer desiring the capabilities of a db2 or oracle.

so, does microsoft have opposition? sure, even in areas of near-monopoly, there is at the least some opposition.

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