Basic Tips and tricks for Windows XP

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Walking appl
ications in compatibility mode 
with home windows xp, you could run applications as if although they had been being run underneath a one-of-a-kind running machine. (that is called "emulation".) sincerely right-click on a shortcut, pick "residences" and then take a look at "run in compatibility mode" and choose the operating gadget you desire to make this system accept as true with it is being run under. this fools or tricks this system into wondering you are clearly using a preceding version of home windows, together with nt, 2000, ninety eight, or ninety five. that is mainly beneficial for certain video games that might not run nicely. be cautious *now not* to use this with positive device utilities, which includes antivirus, defrag, registry, and disk device programs.
Basic Tips and tricks for Windows XP

Customizing the begin menu 
right click on at the "start" button and left click "houses". from here, you could pick out the brand new windows xp fashion start menu, or go back to the windows 2000/millennium fashion one. you could also personalize the 2 feasible choices using their corresponding "customize" buttons. this also permits you to turn on or disable cascading menus and other options which might be useful, along with huge or small icons and more.

Bring lower back those computer icons 
after you set up home windows xp, you probably observed that a number of your icons from preceding variations of home windows you have used are lacking. microsoft did this deliberately to assist virtually and reduce muddle. of route, for some people, this isn't always the fine choice or the person preference. so, if you need the ones icons like "my computer" and "my network locations" again, just open display homes (right click on computing device wallpaper, left click on "houses") and click the "computing device" tab. click on the "personalize computing device" button and on the "standard" tab check the objects you need. you can additionally change the icons used by these computing device gadgets in the same display screen. one very last tip associated with this screen is the "smooth desktop now" button, which notifies you of unused icons at the laptop and gives to put off them if you select.

Provide me my clear type 
windows xp includes a exceptional new visible generation, known as "cleartype" which increases horizontal legibility with the aid of approximately three hundred% and it looks incredible. cross returned into "show homes" [see tip: "Bring Back Those Desktop Icons" for instructions] and this time, go to the "look" tab. click on "results" and for the second drop down box, categorized "use the following technique to easy edges of display fonts", choose "cleartype". click adequate two times and you're ready.

Lock pc vs. welcome login screen 
you ought to move into manage panel and open the "user money owed" applet to change this placing. click on "trade the way users go online or off". for optimum safety, uncheck the "use the welcome display" alternative. this re-enables using the "lock computer" option from the alt ctrl delete menu, however prevents a couple of users from being logged on locally at a single time. this additionally returns to the windows 2000 style login screen. if you'd instead have the capability to *not* be capable of use "lock laptop" and could rather permit more than one customers to logon to the laptop at a unmarried time locally, go away this setting checked and additionally check "use fast consumer switching".

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